Tai O – A fishing village of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a fishing village in 1800’s. Nowadays people living in Hong Kong are living in tiny apartments and working too hard for living.

But there is a village still remaining the heritage of Hong Kong and people will go there for an excursion on weekend, that’s Tai O, locating at the west of  the Lantau Island, a village that is full of exciting travelling spots.

Tai O is a remote area from Lantau Island, so it’s better to go in the morning or spent at least 5 hours to visit Tai O. You are recommended to take a bus No. 11 at the MTR Tung Chung Station. The travelling time takes around 45 minutes.

People living in Tai O are living on the water, and there are many seafood you can enjoy on the water. You can buy some seafood products from the stores such as Salted Shrimps Paste, squids, pearls, starfish, calm sauce or premium dried scallops sauce (XO Sauce), and many food products to taste for souvenirs.

The pearl necklace is value for money.

Actually I went there because a heritage workshop showcasing the ancient fishing tools and living conditions of Tai O or old Hong Kong will be closed because of the termination of the lease. The closing date was 17 July 2016. That’s why when the news is broadcasting, I decided to go to Tai O once.

The Building is near 100 years, and the owner of building decided to rebuild a new building.


Some food are famous at Tai O, you can have Hong Kong famous snacks and bottled herbal drinks around the small town but make sure that the snacks are made by charcoals, it’s yummy. And also you can enjoy beancurd pudding which is a typical choice at Tai O.

Charcoal Squids

Beancurd Pudding (Tofu pudding)

Other scenery of Tai O such as Sun Ki Bridge, a bridge was built in 1979 and financed by the local residence. You can take a boat ride to visit dolphins (if you have time).

A very beautiful landscape in Tai O , suggesting to take pictures at the sunset time, near the Tai O Heritage Hotel. To go to the Heritage Hotel, a 20-minute walk from the bus terminal, walking towards to the Shek Tsai Po Pier. The hotel was a former police station and it is a Grade 2 Historic Building. A 20-minute free guided hotel tour is offered everyday but online reservation is required.

A fantastic view from the Sun Ki Bridge

Take a picture in the front of the Heritage Hotel.

Other fun decoration and starfish you can bring home for decoration

Thank you for reading.

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