Spanish Time

!Hola! means ¨Hi¨in Spanish. I went to Madrid with my friend going there because of a company conference in 2011. Actually, I just took a short trip and look around how´s Spain. As it was my first time to visit Spain, I have studied some travelling tips and a tour guide book before taking off. My friend departed from Singapore and I departed from Hong Kong and we planned to meet at the Madrid airport on the date of arrival. I enjoyed so much when I travelled alone, passing by a romance city of Paris, France before going ahead to Madrid. It was an awesome trip I have ever had. Just because….after I visited once in Madrid, I start falling in love with Spain, from culture, language, architectures to food and wine. I go to Spain for a 4-consecutive year, in every year. No cities or countries I would like to visit except Spain.

In this blog, I would like to share more tips to visit in Spain and create a Spanish cooking book for any one who is interested in. As many friends of me are asking about travelling in Spain, that’s a thought to share my travel experience to all of you.

Madrid Spain