Easy Recipe – Pearl Barley Drink for Hot Summer

Summer time what do you like to drink ? There is a popular drink for Chinese culture that is Pearl Barley Drink, which is a drink for dehydration of water of the inner body. It helps for weight lost too.

Ingredients: (for 4 portions)

Pearl Barley : 100 grams

Oat (optional) : a little

Sugar (optional) : a little


1) Soak the pearl barley with water overnight

2) Another day, Boil water and put all Pearl Barleys for cooking until all are soft

3) Add some oat for tasty option

4) can serve in hot or chill for serving.

Eating the barleys can change your fortune if you are born in summer time.

You can keep a bottle of drink , no sugar added , for the diet season.

Soak overnight could cook pearl barley easily.


Nail Art – Summer Inspiration

Spring is always in raining and high humidity in Hong Kong especially for the month of April. I don’t like Spring but summer time in May and June is awesome, with sunshine and breeze sometimes.

It’s time to arrange the closet and nail colour. There is a contrast for nail color application for different seasons. Dark / pale color I use for the fall / winter but pastel / neon color for the spring/ summer. Well , it all depends on the occasions and the mood as well.

I just share some of my nail art photos I DIY in last season. I don’t have a full equipped nail art pens but some of the basic equipment I do use like a brush and stamp kit (but not handle them very well).

Friends of mine always ask me how to draw patterns for both hands, but I can do writing for my both hands. Practice makes perfect.







DIY facial/body scrub

I read some article to clean the darkness elbow and one of the remedies is good to try and share to you all I must say. As these two ingredients are easy to get them from a bakery home.

MILK + Baking Soda

Just use a spoonful of milk and add 3 tsp of baking soda

Mix them like a paste

Apply on your face (chin and mouth area) and the body before taking a shower

Very low cost and effective!!

Plus moisturizing your skin!!


Let’s Try!