Exhibition – Bruce Lee : Kung Fu, Art, Life

I actually went for the exhibition of Claude Monet, the Impressionist master for his greatest landscape masterpieces last Friday. After that, I also spent time to other exhibition hall which is also worth to go.

Bruce Lee : Kung Fu , Art, Life

Exhibition Period: Now to July 2018

Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

I am not his fans and he passed away before I was born. But in this exhibition, it exhibits why he is succeed and he inspired me how to live.

What is your vision?

Although he died young but he actually have set some targets for him to achieve. He has vision and he wrote them down. He was also confident to be a superstar, when he was a child starring a film.

Do you manage your business well?

He had a teaching school for Martial arts in California and he had developed a good marketing scheme for his students such as a certification scheme, which was taking about 1950s. The tutorial prices also increased when he was getting famous. Generally speaking, he had a successful marketing mix.

Are you well equipped yourself ?

He had continuously keeping up his exercise and training no matter he was a superstar ( he had been a regular icon on major cover page of Kung Fu, Entertainment and Films magazines respectively). He also spent time to keep fit and reading books which improving his business and martial arts areas.

Photo Studio Programme – Limited Time Offering

If you come to Hong Kong or you are a Fans of Bruce Lee, there is a “Bruce Lee Fans’ Photo Studio” you can take a photo with “HIM” from 1 July 2016-30 September 2016, from 4pm – 5pm for every Sunday and Public Holiday.

For more information : Hong Kong Heritage Museum

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