Enjoy An Eco Tour In Malaysia – Agarwood Forest, Charcoal Factory, Mangrove Forest

As mentioned in the previous blog, Ipoh is one of a cultural and heritage cities of Malaysia. Actually there is a flora and fauna in Malaysia where I have just selected some destinations having been with my travel buddies for 2 days at Ipoh. Some eco destinations are highly recommended for visit near Ipoh where takes 1-2 hours by car.

1) Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng  (務邊沉香園)

Gaharu, also named in Agarwood, Eaglewood, Oud or Jinko in different part of the world. But agarwood in Chinese culture actually plays a significant role in medical treatment. Because agarwood leaves can be used as Tea, and also the wood can be transformed as fragrance. They also can be used as cooking ingredients in chicken soup, herbal egg with their leaves. I also tried the soft serve in the agarwood flavor (RM3), which I cannot tell you the taste, as it is very unique and with a long after taste of the agarwood. It’s worth to try.

There are over 200,000 agarwood trees in the forest distributing in 5 mountains according to the local guide. Some of the areas are open for the tourists. Tourists are escorted by their private vans for transportation. This Gaharu Tea Valley in Gopeng is the only one open for public, share the trade secrets and increase the usage and the awareness of the Gaharu Tea. Gaharu Tea is rich in vitamins, calcium zinc, iron and manganese. Gaharu leaves contain high anti-oxidant functions. It reduces blood sugar levels and lowers the blood pressure etc. That’s why there is a business lead for gardening Gaharu Tea.  

Gaharu (Agarwood) Tea Valley, Gopeng

For information: http://www.hoga.my  ; http://www.gaharu.com.my

Opening from 9am to 6pm (Monday to Sunday and Public Holiday)

2)  Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory 

A total area of 40,711 hectares of forest area divided into three regions, namely Kuala Sepetang, Kuala Trong and Sungai Kerang which were managed under a “30 Year Work Plan” by the Perak State Forestry Department.

This charcoal factory locates at Kuala Sepetang. charcoal factory and woods

It’s first time to visit a charcoal factory. But it gives me a natural feeling as I don’t want to visit a shopping mall with air-conditioning anymore. This factory is managed by a Chinese off-spring , the third generation since 1930. There are 3-4 kilns in the factory and the woods are from the mangrove nearby. Every year there is a limited time for harvest for resources protection. The 4th generation of the factory owner Mr Chuah briefed us the process of making charcoals and what products come to the end. The process is complicated such as bake the woods carefully with low degree of fire for at least a week. but usage of the charcoals is practical. It is good for anti-humidity and anti-smell. So this is a good household products for my shoes racks. There are some products you can grab at the end of the presentation at a reasonable price.

Charcoal Factory
The Kiln

For an appointment for a guided tour : +6012 5739563 

3)  Matang Mangrove Forest

After visiting the charcoal factory, we have taken a boat ride to the mangrove, and watched the eagles. This areas is famous for seafood and you can buy some dried fish products such as dried scrimps (RM18 / 250grams), which are highly recommended for the seasoning of soup.

There are many sihams, scrimps and fish in the pond, the residence are harvesting them for living.  There are some buildings designating for the homes of swallows, for producing swallows nest products at the end.

Mangrove and White-bellied Sea Eagles at the sunset of Matang, Malaysia

The Port Weld Eco – takes you a mangrove ride!

Activities and price list

The boat we travelled.f3b7f-kuala2bsepetang2beco2btour2band2bboat

The manager of the fish pont showcases us the pufferfish.


Puffer fish is angry !!


For information: Port Weld Eco

Hope you enjoy and support the eco-tourism!

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