7-Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Zach

It’s first time to visit Malaysia, and I headed to Ipoh, a city with a lot of heritages and cultures.

Ipoh is a home town of Michelle Yeoh, the Hollywood superstar.

Ipoh, is a name in Malay meaning a kind of tree, but nowadays there is only one and the only one existing at Ipoh, locates in front of the train station.

When visiting Ipoh, one of the cultural visits is searching the 7 wall art murals, the latest collection of by Ernest Zacharevic (ZACH), who painted murals on walls along the streets of Penang’s Georgetown.

Ipoh is famous with their white coffee, so the artist features coffee on the painting. This one features the old man drinking a cup of white coffee.

Next to a car park, there is one featuring the hummingbird.

Opposite to the hummingbird, there is a huge mural with 5 iced coffee , they call as KOPI (coffee) in Malaysia , and the packaging for iced tea is using a plastic bag.  The painting is awesome as it illustrated like a real one with water drops on the plastic bags.

This one is unofficial without Zach and the government mentioned , but our tour guide said this one is also an artwork by Zach. The tour guide said it was painted in overnight. But I think this one is a test drawing by Zach before he painted the large one, do you agree?

This one named “Girl” is very active in motions, like she is catching the bird in the birdcage.

This one is near the Coffee and Old Man . It is an awesome artwork too.

This one is a Chinese painting style. But too many tourists there I cannot take a full picture.

I like this one so much, as it shows the man doing job for living and the shaw you can take photo with it.

The map of Art of Old Town, you can search the 7 mural artworks by visiting Ipoh, drink the white coffee, enjoy a day in Malaysia.

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