Easy Recipe for Summer – Tofu Cheese Cake

Every one loves chilled dessert for summer time, as I do. In the summer, I will make the Japanese styled tofu cheese cake at home which delighting you after lunch or dinner.

It’s easy as you can find a fresh tofu at the supermarket or the market.

Ingredients (for 8 portions)

Creme Cheese 200g

Hard Beancurd (1 piece estimated 340 grams)

Lemon juice (1 tea spoon)

Sugar (2 tablespoons)

Yogurt (50 grams)

Gelatins (20 grams)

Cake Base:

Crackers (8 pieces)

Butter (30 grams)


Step 1: prepare the cake base with digestive crackers and melted butter. And chill the base into the fridge for minimum 3 hours.

Step 2: For tofu cheese cake fillings, melt the gelatin in water first and mix well all ingredients together.

Step 3: beat the tofu and cream cheese into fine mixtures

Step 4: Layer the cream cheese mixture on the top of the crackers base

Step 5: Chill for overnight before serving

Bon appetit!


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