Joyce Jonathan Asian Tour 2016 – Hong Kong Station

I was so excited in May when I knew that Joyce Jonathan will come to Hong Kong for her Asian Tour after the Taiwan Station. I immediately purchased concert tickets online and expect her live show in Hong Kong.

The show is also a part of Le French May – a program of Hong Kong promoting French culture, wine and dine, performances from May to early July and I usually spend a lot of time and money in this programme every year. 🙂

Joyce Jonathan – one of the popular French POP singers in France, is a French singer and songwriter. Her first album “Sur mes gardes” was certified platinum in 2011 and received the NRJ Music Awards of the Francophone Breakthrough of the year (2011). I listened her music via YouTube first and then I also purchased her first album. The song I like is “Je ne sais pas” – also version in Mandarin (But I don’t understand Mandarin).

The new album in 2016 “Une Place Pour Moi” and promoting songs such as “Le Bonheur” and “L’amour, l’amour, l’amour ” are my favorites. The rhythm and the music arrangement of songs are very French, young and with romantic lyrics.

For the promotion of the concert, well, there were not many promoting channels except I knew that from and some post bills which having very low profile. That’s why the concert hall was not fully occupied, which I felt that concert was not well promoted to targeted audiences.

Anyway, there were two autograph sessions for VIP and regular fans respectively after the concert. It supposed to sign the new album only but she is so nice to sign for my previous album (die hard fans) although the organiser was not allowed me to do so. 🙂

Hope she will come often to Hong Kong and get more fans following her! 🙂


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