DIY Bling Bling Stationery Set

People usually working at the office or SOHO, is supplied with different stationeries such as calculators, staplers, note pads, pens etc. Even though the stationery suppliers differentiate their products with various colours, it seems boring to me.

So in this article, I wanna inspire you to DIY your unique sets of stationery with bling bling stickers.


I am a pink lover, so usually pick up pink color items if they are available. For a calculator from CASIO, I decorated with the pearl and pink stickers, pairing with the pink stapler.

For the date stamp, it was in blue color originally. I painted with acyclic color in pink first and then placed my favorite gem stickers to make it more vivid.



Details of the Stapler


DIY bling bling stickers costs me  HK$70. Some of them are left over from the previous DIY project.


Thanks for your reading.

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